Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Five years ago

This is Joseph five years ago, he still has that gorgeous smile that lights up his face.
10 things I love aboutJoey,
such an individual,
that mischievous look, he's such a little pixie!
How he knows the answer to the question he's about to ask, (he gets that from me and his grandpa)
watching him daydream
such empathy for animals, he's my dog whisperer
He has E.S.P. he really does,he knows what I/people are thinking, I first noticed it at age 2.It's a bit scary really.
How much he adores Alice, her first word was Joey, beautiful.
his daily enthusiasm and excitment for life
how he wants to fly rockets when he's big(little boy dreams never change, no matter what decade)
that he loves to cook with me, all the veges come out uniform and tiny, amazing! He has recently being up graded to a 'real' knife, he is very proud.
I love that I'm his mama........................ and that he chose me.
Yes I know theres 11 on the list but I never follow rules.

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