Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Five years ago

This is Joseph five years ago, he still has that gorgeous smile that lights up his face.
10 things I love aboutJoey,
such an individual,
that mischievous look, he's such a little pixie!
How he knows the answer to the question he's about to ask, (he gets that from me and his grandpa)
watching him daydream
such empathy for animals, he's my dog whisperer
He has E.S.P. he really does,he knows what I/people are thinking, I first noticed it at age 2.It's a bit scary really.
How much he adores Alice, her first word was Joey, beautiful.
his daily enthusiasm and excitment for life
how he wants to fly rockets when he's big(little boy dreams never change, no matter what decade)
that he loves to cook with me, all the veges come out uniform and tiny, amazing! He has recently being up graded to a 'real' knife, he is very proud.
I love that I'm his mama........................ and that he chose me.
Yes I know theres 11 on the list but I never follow rules.

pixies and fairies

My three pixies, Flynn, Joseph, Jim,
My leaf fairy, Alice.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another photo

Here's another photo, because it's cute.

Joseph's birthday

Photo's from the happy day. Birthdays are always a happy/sad day for me. Happy to see my child full of life and the openness of who they are, and sad, that my baby is already five, It only seem like yesterday that I first held him. I sometimes wonder if I have locked away enough memories in my mind of my littlies...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

party dress ups

The eldest child Jim decided he would like to go as a pixie to Josephs party, so of course the younger 2 wanted to go as pixies as well. So hot off the sewing machine pixie outfits x 3.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008



Today we made edible snowflakes for Joseph's(pictured) party, Oh how I wish it would snow, we live in the coldest city in Australia, but still no real snow, just dustings. Imagine fresh squeaky snow with no footprints, Oh what a sight for your eyes when you wake in the morning. I envy all you northerners. We reading lovely books about winter, The children are loving Ollie's Ski Trip, it would be one of my favourites by Elsa Beskow. These snowflakes are yummy and easy enough for the littlies to make.
Snowflakes, cut out your design using wonton wrappers then spread melted butter on both sides. Mix 1 eggwhite with 1 table caster sugar and 1 table icing sugar and brush on snowflake only on one side, then sprinkle with almond meal. Cook in oven about 180 for about 5 minutes, watch them like a hawk because within 30 secs they can go from lovely to burnt.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad, wishing you a wonderful dayxx

party food

My 2nd child Joseph is turning five on Sunday, my , where did that time go!. He has decided to have a wizard, gnome, fairy party and so we are all busily cooking for the day.
Today we made sausage rolls, I got the pastry from Sovereign Hill, a tourist attraction depicting the goldrush era last century, and they use REAL butter. The only thing is that the weight is in pounds and I'm a metric girl, so I ordered 12 pounds which didn't sound a lot, but it was. So we'll be eating lots of food with pastry this week.
Sausage roll recipe
2kg beef mince
500grams sausage mince
4 carrots
1 cup peas
2 large onions
4 rashers bacon
2 eggs
I cup fresh breadcrumbs
2 teas Italian herbs
1 stock cube crumbled
1 table worcestershire sauce
salt and pepper
fry the onion and bacon together,cool. Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. make sausage rolls, cook at about 200.