Monday, February 16, 2015

Taking stock, where I am right now

Making: Crayon rolls for class one children
Cooking: slow roasted lamb
Drinking: gin & tonic
Reading: a child in the forest
Wanting: a clean house
Looking: to see if that damn goanna is back
Playing: singing competitions
Deciding: about going up the middle(alice springs) next month
Wishing: for understanding
Enjoying: frog song every night (oh my!)
Waiting: for an excuse to ride the quad bike yet again
Liking: the warm moist soil on my bare-feet
Wondering: when I can canoe down the river again
Loving: milking Essie the jersey cow
Pondering: whether Essie will use her horns (on me!)
Considering: a new car for our road trip (toyota landcruiser)
Watching: the code (written by my friend:)
Hoping: for the pot of gold at the end
Marvelling: at the cream Essie gives
Needing: space
Smelling: frangigpanis
Wearing ; my nighty all day, sigh.
Following: the truth
Noticing: the right person comes when you need it
Knowing: what needs to be done
Thinking: about family
Feeling: sad
Admiring: my neighbour over the river
Sorting: the washing and my life
Buying: essential oils
Getting: tired
Bookmarking: kitchens
Disliking: yelling yet again at the kids
Opening: the way forward
Giggling: at Flynn retelling his day
Snacking: black garlic(ours)and farmer Davids cheese
Helping: the kids with reading
Hearing : the waterfall