Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Home life

Everyday I sit Alice with the chooks whilst I hang the washing out, I've done this with all of my children and they love that early morning "took took" with the chickens, it's so very grounding. We now have a rooster, standing to the left of Alice. And what a mightly fine rooster he is!, He is a true gentleman, always stands back and lets his girls get the first pick of tidbits, never crows before 5am (or at least I don't hear him) and sorts the girls out when they need sorting out, but he is never aggresive although his talons are huge.

Joey with a beautiful smile, I knitted the jumper on the knitting machine, I'm into raglan sleeves at the moment.

Two new additions for our family, Flynn is quite the mother. Every year we end up with some orphaned lambs and everyear they end up inside even though everyear I say 'they won't be comming in' to the children. I still can't figure out how to put a nappy on them -what to do with that tail. Any suggestions? So I end up just chasing them around the house with my paper towel and cleaner.

I love packages in the post. the other day the postman dropped off a parcel to our neighbour, only to be told that the ebay queen lived next door, whoops!. This fabric came from "from Holland with love" and I love it and that it came from Holland.What shall I make with it? any ideas? For now it will go in my stash .
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