Monday, May 30, 2011

Alice's party dress

I made this dress for last summer, and now it's autumn, and I'm posting it. Am I the only one who forget's their blog?, yet I want it as a journal of our lives, of my crafty adventures, but I'm so hit and miss. I wonder if I took the challenge of posting everyday for a month, I wonder if I would better at it, that daily rhythmn.

Back to the dress, I was making the feliz dress today, in a rush, thinking that we are going to a bush dance this weekend at Campbells creek, and thought that Alice needed a twirly dress for the occasion. Then I remembered that I had this one, and put the feliz in the corner and went and jumped on the trampoline with the kiddo's.

Back to the dress, beautiful sky blue clipped voile, with an underskirt in a brighter blue. Fully smocked front, and meters of lace, silk ribbon and pin tucks.
What more could a girl want:)

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More of Molly

Alice is still in love with Molly, when I look at Molly, I smile, which is a very good thing, usually I only notice all the areas that I could improve on, which means that they them spend a lot of time on my sewing table.

And then I 'm unsure what to do, because really, they have developed their own look and way, because of the love the child gives them, I then wonder what to do. If I try to fix them how I see they should be, there's a chance that my child would say what has happened to "Tom".

I wonder what other people do.

Molly's clothes fabrics came right out of my shop, and the shoe pattern is from saartjes booties,
Alice had a pair when when was born.
Sadly Saartjes doesn't post anymore, put her blog is still open.

Which brings me to another thought. I love this blogging world, people opening up, talking about stuff they wouldn't share with their neighbours. You actually feel a closeness with your fellow blogger.

And then they stop.

No warning, no goodbye,

They just don't exist in your world anymore, you can't ring them up or knock on their door, just to check that they're still alive....

And then I grieve, first I'm worried, then sad, then hurt, that they think it's alright to just stop. where would the blogging world be without their readers?

Some Mama's have revolutionize the idea of stay at home mums. There is always impact.

Imagine if this happened in amongst your circle of 'real' friends.

There has to be give and take, there has to be understanding.