Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Today we made edible snowflakes for Joseph's(pictured) party, Oh how I wish it would snow, we live in the coldest city in Australia, but still no real snow, just dustings. Imagine fresh squeaky snow with no footprints, Oh what a sight for your eyes when you wake in the morning. I envy all you northerners. We reading lovely books about winter, The children are loving Ollie's Ski Trip, it would be one of my favourites by Elsa Beskow. These snowflakes are yummy and easy enough for the littlies to make.
Snowflakes, cut out your design using wonton wrappers then spread melted butter on both sides. Mix 1 eggwhite with 1 table caster sugar and 1 table icing sugar and brush on snowflake only on one side, then sprinkle with almond meal. Cook in oven about 180 for about 5 minutes, watch them like a hawk because within 30 secs they can go from lovely to burnt.

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