Sunday, March 30, 2014

Some photos of the farm

This photo is taken from the studio, can you see the waterfall?

Franjpanis is bloom, I knew I would miss my roses, but it was such a delight to smell my first franjpani.


Boys getting a bow staff lesson off their Dad

Flynn carrying the bananas back to the house:)

Garden view

Quiet moment with Joseph.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Alice's party dress

I think this month of blogging will be a year in reflection, I started this blog more as a journal, so when you miss a year, you think to yourself "I'm too far behind". In any case this month will be the highlights.

Important note; ALL dresses need twirl factor.  If I'm honest, now that will live up here, Alice spends most day without clothes or shoes. Birthday parties seem to be held at the beach, but at Auntie Marg's birthday celebration in Ballarat, Miss Alice got to really check out the twirl factor. With the DJ playing, she managed to encourage all on the dance floor to "move back" whilst she displayed the twirl. This one is not shy.....

 This is a beautiful voile from Germany, it was in my shop but has all sold out. It has so much body for a voile.

Lazy daisy stitches and sparkly beads.

And of course sparkly  shoes to match.