Friday, June 26, 2009


The highlight was the Aboriginal Cultural Park, the children got to play the didgeridoo, do paintings on boomerangs, throw spears and boomerangs.

We enjoyed their dance and song and learning about their way of life.

They truly are an amazing race.
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Train ride up in the mountains.

Gondala ride, over the trees back.
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Breakfast with the birds.

Mossman Gorge, popular place with the locals to swim as the mountain water is too cold for the crocodiles.

Mango smoothie to share.
A very important first lesson to learn when there is four of them.
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Far North Queensland is so beautiful, plants are so lush and green and there is an abundant of birds and animals.

This beach, Ellis beach, is the beach we visited every morning, the water was a tropical 24c, just like a bath.

Alice was unsure to begin with.

This little mountain stream met the sea, the children had so much fun here, damming the stream, trying to catch fish and tadpoles,
everyday was around 27c.

It felt like we had the beach to ourselves, so very peaceful and spoilt.

We really are the land of the Sun and the Sea.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No place like home.

We've just got back from a family holiday in far north Queensland for a couple of weeks. It was so nice and warm.
Sorry I forgot to say goodbye.
Home now, It's late and cold, quickly changed all the beds to warm flannelette sheets and extra quilts.
Pancakes with blueberries and icecream for tea.
I'll be back on tomorrow to catch up on all the gossip, ahem crafting.
Missed you all.