Friday, July 13, 2012


Once we had arrived I got a phone call from the removalist to say that he could only get in the truck, half of the original furniture.

The thing was, we had already decided to leave Ballarat fully furnished, to help with selling, and were only taking what we had in Guildford. Already regretting the decision to leave before the truck.

So I said "Clothes and beds are all we really need"

Some toy's and a table came too, and three fold up chairs, don't know why all six couldn't come. So we'll be taking in turns to eat/sit. 

The next saga (joy's of moving) was the transport couldn't get up the track to our house.

"Alrighty then" I said, trying to smile. So they unloaded at the bridge and we carted it up the drive.

I was sorta glad that all the furniture hadn't arrived, every cloud has a silver lining.

Went to offer the guy's a cuppa, but alas, nowhere to be found.