Sunday, November 29, 2009

The party dress

Besides, socks, jocks and shoes, I've never bought clothes for my children, I've either being given hand-me-downs or it's the clothes I've made for them, I feel really good about that fact.
But for a bit of indulgents, I figure every girl, whatever age, should have one good dress just for party's, whenever the occasion arises.

This is Alice's party dress, beautiful pink dupioni silk complete with angels wings.

I smocked the yoke, bishop style, it is, perhaps, my favourite syle of smocking, dainty glass beads and silk leaves, vines and knots compliment the smocking.

Yes, Alice really does believe she can fly.
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jim's Birthday Party

This year Jim decided he wanted a fishing birthday party, I tried my darnest to talk him out of it, I was so not ready to give up the birthday party at home thingy.

Well he was, he said 'I don't want girls at my party and I don't want to get dressed up', this comming from my boy who's best friend in prep and grade one was a girl, a gorgeous girl too boot, I'm picking her as my future daughter-in-law, I think arranged marriages are not such a bad idea,( no I haven't had too much to drink!) I mean, you know, DNA is important, and I'm thinking about my future grandchildren.

Okay, I better stop, or my free thinking Steiner friends will tie me up.

So we went to Tuki trout farm, with 9 of his friends, and it was fun.

Secretly, I'll admit that it was nice not having to stay up half the night before, making costumes and party food.
We had a bbq for lunch and the chicken schnitzel burgers went down a treat.

And for a lolly bag?
The boy's got to take their 'catch' home for tea, they were grinning from ear to ear, all that hunter/gatherer stuff , you know.
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The birthday cake

What is with boy's and hammers?

When I asked Jim what cake he would like, straight away he said a soccer cake mum, one that I can smash and it's full of lollies.

This is the third time I've made this sort of cake, I wonder who will ask for it next year?

It better not be Alice!
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

True happiness is in giving

Joseph's beautiful basket.
His prep teacher Jacinta is leaving, so he wanted to give this to her, which crushed me, because I wanted to keep it, who knows when he'll do another one!
Well I guess I should focus on the positive, and be gratful that I have generous children.

The tulips have been and gone now, I planted them the year Alice was born, The packet said colourful mix. About a week before Alice was due the first tulip pop out it's head, and it was pink, and I wondered then, wondered if that was a sign.

This reminds me that a need to post two more birthdays partys, they are well over but if I don't post them, well, you'll think I'm playing favourites.
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Basket weaving

I'm sure the troubles of the world could solved by following this recipe:

Gather a group of like-minded woman, with the purpose of crafting together,

share a lovely morning tea together,

order a day of sunshine, and let the children run

I know I felt good feelings.
This little one, decided that he wanted to make a basket too, and so resisted the urge to run with the other children and sat and weaved and watched and listened, for the whole day.
I'll show you his basket tomorrow.
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Sunday, November 8, 2009


Now that's one big pig!
The children spied this pig in a backyard on our way to the Otway's

Jim trying his hand at catching fish.
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View from up here

Glorious Mountain Ash.

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We had lunch at Paradise Falls, the children all filled their water bottles with fresh mountain water, this walk is great with little ones, there are ten crossings over the stream usually stepping stones sometimes logs (argh!) .

There's a sense of accomplishment for the children, everytime we cross the stream, their faces glowing.

Skimming stones
If I could live anywhere it would be on Paradise road, Appollo Bay.
5minutes to the sea, 5mins to the mountains, and this stream running through your property.

Where is your dream place to live?
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