Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What I've been up to

Our school is having their annual Autumn Fair, and seeing I have all this gorgeous wool, I thought I would do a stall.

I've been madly knitting beanies, crocheting berets and slippers and winding wool.

My wonderful friend and neighbour Sue has been dying my wool.

Oh, I thought I would show you my favourite lounge pants, Although I think I wear them everywhere, made from the softest linen, I used a fancy joining stitch on my sewing machine to join the border, I love this print,I always giggle when I look at the ladies bottoms, I'm the peach lady....... I wish I was the cherry!

Which one are you?
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Nicole Benjamin said...

wow you have been busy! such gorgeous yarn! hehe i like your pants too : )

Gremlina said...

i stumbled across your blog...how pretty! & I just did my first fiber dying today! (some roving with coffee, we'll see how it lasts).

Lucy said...

Pineapple :o(

hanna said...

cute pants :) - I like the fancy joining stitch! Your wool is so beautiful.