Sunday, March 28, 2010

I need your Help

After many months maybe even years, I'm going to do it, yes, I going to open a real shop selling quality fabrics.

In Australia, we really don't have, well I can't seem to find, really beautiful fabrics.

We do have great quilting shops, but I think there's a market for clothing, swiss bastiste, Italian silks, Irish linens, european prints, organic fabric, Australian knits and pima cottons from America. childrens, womans and men.

I'm stuck, I need your help, a name is so important, don't you think?
I've loved some names, then after a while I grow tired of the them. And most names I come up with are taken, yeah, all the good ones.

I'm down to two; Gingham Girl or Bloom.

What do you think? I'm open to new ones too!


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

What about Busy Gnomes Bloom??? Or Busy Blooming?

Yay for you on the shop! :)

Lucy said...

I am obsessed with gingham - every room in my house has some somewhere. So my vote is obvious!

Lily Boot said...

I love Bloom - and I'm beside myself with excitement over the store - wow! I totally agree. We need way more lovely fabric for clothing. Go Kerrie!

Ella said...

I think Bloom would be a gorgeous name. Just to stick my two cents worth in!

Anna said...

Bloom, like you blooming into something new. Congratulations on the shop. How fun is that! Peace and love. Anna