Thursday, March 4, 2010


This is the finish yarn from our sheep, I'm so in love with this wool, it is so soft, it feels like cashmere. We have two brown, two grey and four cream sheep.

I think it's about 18 micron, which means super fine.

We were so lucky to get these sheep, it was a case of a friend of a friend's farmer husband was ready to cull these sheep from the flock because of a little colour in their wool.

It just goes to show doesn't it, one person rubbish, another persons treasure.

I think it's wonderful that they are coloured, the farmer did not share my enthusiasm.

It's funny isn't it, they can be fourth generation white sheep, and then for no reason, throw a black sheep.

Beautiful rich dark chocolate colour, even the children just want to smooch it.

Gorgeous silver grey colour.

If you would like to win some of the wool, leave me a comment telling me which colour you like and what you intend to make with it.

If you blog about it, I'll enter you again.

I'll anounce the three winners this time next week.

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EVA SB said...

I'd love the chocolate yarn.

I would probably knit a simple afghan, maybe basket weave or a few cables, for our sitting-room.

We don't live in a very cold climate but on chilly evenings we prefer not to slap on the heating when snuggling under an afghan is so much more fun.

Lucy said...

I would love the silver grey. I would use it to make something for my husband - who looks soooo handsome in that shade. Either a hat and scarf and gloves combo, or maybe a tank top - depending on how far the wool went. The most amazing thing would be to just have yarn that I could say came from a specific sheep. That just seems so exciting. And wow that you saved their lives and appreciate their "flaw"

Wehaf said...

I love the grey. I would make my boyfriend a very warm, very soft winter hat, one that covers his ears with room to spare. Right now his winter hat leaves something to be desired.

urchiken at gmail dot com

ikkinlala said...

I adore the chocolate brown yarn, and I would knit a hat with it (I don't have a pattern in mind, but my winter hat is worn out and I've been trying to decide on the right yarn to knit a new one with before next winter).

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I don't think I'd mind which colour although chocolate yarn sounds good! I'm hoping to crochet a cowl in time for winter.

hanna said...

eeee! Gorgeous, you were right, I am interested :)
I LOVE them all, but I'd probably go for the chocolate or the silver grey, but I might need more time to decide hehe.
How wonderful to be getting such gorgeous wool from your very own sheep!

hanna said...

oh sorry and I was supposed to tell you what I'd make - probably a cardi for Isla :)
Sorry I'm not trying to cheat and add extra comments!
oh and I will post about it tomorrow.

Lily Boot said...

Oh it is lovely Kerrie! How amazing, having wool from sheep that live with you. What are you going to do with it? Hmmm ... if I had some pure Victorian wool, from the Busy Gnomes Farm, I would knit a soft, floppy beret or hatty thing to wear whilst walking to work in winter. With some felt applique in the dark colour - I like throwbacks :-) And thank you for so generously sharing your wool!

Honeybunny's Mom said...

I like the grey. I'd probably knit a short sleeved cardigan for myself. About to gear up on summer shortie knitting for my son - so, I'd save this for me!

EveningStar said...

Your wool is so beautiful I feel almost moved to tears.
I'd knit something for the twins I'm carrying- in any color. They are SO incredibly beautiful. What an honor to have access to such wonderful wool/animals.

laangel said...

Gosh what beautiful yarn and I love the story behind it. I would like either, but particularly the brown. I would knit a vest for my littlest boy and the baby due in June. The only problem with that is it'd probably make it really difficult NOT to cuddle them all the time!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Oh my! I love all the colors, but especially the chocolate! I would crochet wonderfully warm house slippers! Maybe enough to make a couple sets! :)

Anna said...

Oh my goodness! They are too beautiful, I would love to touch them to feel their softness.

I would love the chocolate brown. I have been wanting to make myself a scarf, and this wool would be blissful, and superwarm I am sure. What a great giveaway, thank you. Peace and love. Anna