Wednesday, November 18, 2009

True happiness is in giving

Joseph's beautiful basket.
His prep teacher Jacinta is leaving, so he wanted to give this to her, which crushed me, because I wanted to keep it, who knows when he'll do another one!
Well I guess I should focus on the positive, and be gratful that I have generous children.

The tulips have been and gone now, I planted them the year Alice was born, The packet said colourful mix. About a week before Alice was due the first tulip pop out it's head, and it was pink, and I wondered then, wondered if that was a sign.

This reminds me that a need to post two more birthdays partys, they are well over but if I don't post them, well, you'll think I'm playing favourites.
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Nicole said...

His basket is incredible, I would love to learn how to do this. Your comment about the pink tulip made me smile, two of my children were born (a few years apart) but on the very same day in April, the tulips are also a sign of new life for me and a memory of holding a new little one while enjoying the new growth of spring.
I do not think you are playing favorites ; ) I know how that goes with my three, one will not let me take photos at all, another is always off and busy playing so it is typically one of my children who likes to be right by my side crafting or working along with me that gets many more photos : )I wonder the same on my blog... Many warm wishes!