Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jim's Birthday Party

This year Jim decided he wanted a fishing birthday party, I tried my darnest to talk him out of it, I was so not ready to give up the birthday party at home thingy.

Well he was, he said 'I don't want girls at my party and I don't want to get dressed up', this comming from my boy who's best friend in prep and grade one was a girl, a gorgeous girl too boot, I'm picking her as my future daughter-in-law, I think arranged marriages are not such a bad idea,( no I haven't had too much to drink!) I mean, you know, DNA is important, and I'm thinking about my future grandchildren.

Okay, I better stop, or my free thinking Steiner friends will tie me up.

So we went to Tuki trout farm, with 9 of his friends, and it was fun.

Secretly, I'll admit that it was nice not having to stay up half the night before, making costumes and party food.
We had a bbq for lunch and the chicken schnitzel burgers went down a treat.

And for a lolly bag?
The boy's got to take their 'catch' home for tea, they were grinning from ear to ear, all that hunter/gatherer stuff , you know.
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Darwinstorm said...

My little brother had a fishing birthday party at the Tuki trout farm as well, I think, either that or he just enjoyed the day so much that it seemed like it was his party. Nice to see that 20ish years doesn't make a difference in what boys like.

wind in the wildwood said...

Happy Birthday to your boy. Sounds like a great time. Peace and love. Anna

themagiconions said...

Wonderful party!! And I LOVE the Goody Bag Fish!
Such a pretty place... and lovely photos.
Your blog is wonderful too... I'll be visiting often.
Blessings and magic.