Thursday, November 12, 2009

Basket weaving

I'm sure the troubles of the world could solved by following this recipe:

Gather a group of like-minded woman, with the purpose of crafting together,

share a lovely morning tea together,

order a day of sunshine, and let the children run

I know I felt good feelings.
This little one, decided that he wanted to make a basket too, and so resisted the urge to run with the other children and sat and weaved and watched and listened, for the whole day.
I'll show you his basket tomorrow.
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Lily Boot said...

ooooh I'm in awe! I love that style of basket - and the wonderful colours and stripes you can achieve. How great that you can learn how to do it. Must add it to the list :-) And looking forward to seeing the finished product.

hanna said...

oh I'm so jealous! would love love love to have been there with you. Was a friend doing the teaching?

Nicole said...

It sounds and looks like a perfect day to me! What beautiful work! How sweet that your little guy did some weaving as well!