Friday, October 30, 2009


What a wonderful spring it has been so far, rain, glorious rain every few days, it feels like the wettest spring for a long time.
Everyone say's that plants are more drought tolerant than you might think, and they would be right, but I can tell you when it rains day after day and the ground soaks it up, and the dams and water tanks are overflowing, the plants, I tell you, are jumping out of the ground, my roses have never look that lush before, the foliage as you look around, is so alive and to breathe in that sweet sweet air.
Oh how we love spring.
My vegetable patch is overflowing with our winter crop, all sorts of lettuce, spring onions, cauliflowers, spinach, silverbeet, cabbage, garlic,brocolli, broad beans.
Tonight we made brocolli soup, I think I cooked up ten heads!
extra went into the freezer.

Heading to the beautiful Otways for the weekend to do some much needed tree hugging.
Have a wonderful weekendxx
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