Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Birthday Boy

Ahh, my sweet baby boy is four, he wishes that he was as big as his brothers, I wish he was just a newborn again.

He is our 'pocket rocket', I know, it looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

When Flynn was born, like all babies he cried, the walls shook and my quietly spoken husband just looked at me, what did I care, I was in love, and I guess you see what you want to see or hear. Sometimes I worry, like when he is at school, he'll alway's be in trouble because it will be his voice that you will hear first.

Flynn is our comedian, laugh, he can make anyone laugh, He has such a fun, open way.

Thankyou Flynn for choosing us to be your family,
thankyou for the roses everyday,
thankyou for being you, my heart bursts with love for you.
Happy 'birth' day Flynn.

When I have said my evening prayer,
and folded my clothes upon the chair,
and mother switches off the light,
I'll still be 3 years old tonight,
but by the very breack of day,
before the children rise and play,
before the greeness turns to gold,
I'll be four years old today,
four kisses when I wake,
four candles on my cake.

mama xxx
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hanna said...

so sweet, you gave me goosebumps :)
Happy Birthday sweet boy.
They grow up so quickly.

Nicole said...

Happy happy birthday to your sweet boy and to you mama! What a beautiful tribute to your son, this warms my heart : ) xo

wind in the wildwood said...

So sweet, the bithday blessing almost broke my heart! Peace and love. Anna