Sunday, October 25, 2009

Good weather for dyeing

I'm making a indoor cubby for Joseph's prep class at school.
My intention is to hem and gather the top onto a wooden ring, very free flowing looking!.
In prep at our school (steiner) the prep year so very magical, their play really takes on a different role compared to kinder.
I still fondly think of Jim's year in prep.
Friendships are built, plane's from upturn tables and chairs are built, dolls are lovingly cared for.
Their day starts with a veil painting 'wet on wet' painting, the children are given one maybe two paints to choose from, I get such a kick out of seeing what they can paint with just one colour, the light and dark of the shade, beautiful.
Then there is circle time, songs, verses, dance happen, usually seasonal.
Then outdoor play
A warm lavender foot bath when the children come in, each child has their own tub, apparently you can tell a lot about the child by their feet, or so say's their teacher.
Sitting down to a blessing of our meal then a cooked morning tea, rice pudding or apple crumble.
Then indoor play
Story time, usually a fairytale by Grimm's brother's. A candle is lit, The story is told not read, and with simple props, The story is retold for three days, and alway with reverence.
indoor play usually with dress-up's and usually about the story they have just heard.
Lunch time, the children bring their own lunch which is placed on a plate and they sit around a table.
Play outside.
Craft, at the moment they are making god's eyes
Rest time, the teacher is a world renowned Harpist, so they get to rest to beautiful music playing.

This is our cubby in our playroom.

Now for a bit of a laugh, these are the pants I made today, for me, the pattern said that I'll be good to go in a couple of hours, I wonder where they had in mind? I'm thinking the circus!
So clearly it will take a week to fix them, I'll keep you posted:)


wind in the wildwood said...

What a sweet way to spend the day. I do wish we had a Waldorf school. Anna

Nicole said...

Your photos are absolutely incredible!
Such beauty in the play silks, the colors the drape of them... I love clothesline photos too : ) Waldorf living and learning is an beautiful lifestyle!