Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spring has sprung

The first of the lambs, born the day before, doesn't he look healthy
This clever Mama had twins!. Jim got to come and watch one of the sheep giving birth, His words were 'wow".
Oxtail Soup with basil pesto. This is my favourite winter soup, don't be put off by the name, it really is delicous.
1.5 kg ox tail
2 leek
4 rasher bacon
2 carrots
2 parsnip
2 potato
beef stock.
2 celery sticks
brown the oxtail peices, set aside.
saute the leek and bacon together and the veges all chopped finely, add oxtails back to the pan. add enough stock to cover, simmer for 2 hours till meat falls off the bone.
remove the ox tails and pull the meat from the bones add back to pan, add some parsley.
small buch of basil
1/4 cup pinenuts
1/4 olive oil (I think, maybe more)
3 garlic
1/4 parmason cheese
whizz together in food processor
swirl a dollop through the soup when serving.
The pesto is a must, it really lifts the soup adding zing to a slow cooked soup.
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Windsting said...

So sweet! It is so funny when you think about our seasons being completely on opposite schedules. It would be very difficult for me to grasp Spring in September! Peace and love. Anna

tammy said...

twin sheep! how precious! and the soup looks delicious.