Saturday, August 29, 2009

Clothes for the first born

Well I can't believe I'm admitting this.....I own a knitting machine. There I said it.
It was my Mum's, I used to give her such a hard time about using it, I'd sit there handknitting ( my barbies had the most amazing wardrobe) in my Holier than thou voice, and say "I just doesn't look or feel right, it's cheating mum".
Well, I was wrong, 10year olds don't know everything.
I can knit a jumper like this in about an hour on the machine, come to think of it, Jim knitted most of it.
It takes longer to sew it together:)
My dear friend Sue, colour combination extraordinare over at Hawthorne Cottage dyed it for me.
The wool is a new wool from CSIRO, called optim wool, so it's soft merino wool that they somehow stretch so it behaves more like longwool, which makes it have a beautiful lustre, so the best of both worlds, lustre and softness, no prickle factor at all.

I love these pants, how long do you think I can keep Jim in plaid?
The pattern is in this years Ottobre for kids.
I've got some lovely wool denim fabric, I might do another pair.
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boatbaby said...

Those pants ROCK! I feel the same way about my boy. I say I get to dress him until he's old enough to protest and plaid pants are my fav!
I'd love to see a photo of a knitting machine, I've never heard of that except for Wallace & Grommit :)

Windsting said...

My goodness, as long as he keeps wearing them! Plaid is great.
Peace and love. Anna

hanna said...

Groovy pants!
I have a kntting machine too,it's tucked away in the shed and I have no idea how to use it. But I'm not parting with it, I'm determined that one day I'll learn. The thought of a knitted jumper in a few hours!