Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Day Out

Sovereign Hill, right here in our town, is a leading tourist attraction. It depicts the Gold rush era of this area in 1851. We are reading The Night We Made the Flag at the moment, it is a beautiful, beautiful book.

Over winter they try to turn it into a winter wonderland, This is Sovereign Hill's idea of snow, foaming bubbles! It's a laugh.

The boys dressed up, they are reinacting the convicts aboard the ship from England.
Sweet Alice ready for the voyage.

We come here often as we have a yearly pass, it's fun for the children, they get to make candles, ride the clydedales and or course pan for gold- it's very addictive, you can almost feel the gold fever comming on!
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Windsting said...

I love the foaming bubble snow, I wish that was what ours was made out of! You aren't related to anyone living in Alaska now are you? You children have a likeness to a family in our town. Peace and love. Anna