Sunday, August 23, 2009

Little red riding hood.

As you can see I did add a skirt, I get way too excited about sewing for this one.
Luckily she is not opinionated about what she wears.
It's probably wise though that the boys refuse to let me dress them, otherwise they would all look like Christopher Robin. According to the children's uncle, smock tops are not appropriate for boys over two.
What nonsense!.
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gardenmama said...

Oh my, she looks waaaay too cute!!! Love her outfit so much and no smocking for boys over two? seriously, complete nonsense! ; ) Thumbs up for fairytale clothing everyday for little ones!

Windsting said...

I love the dragon, and the scissor-action obstacle course, and little red...she is too sweet for words. Peace and love. Anna

tammy said...

adorable! i found your lovely blog thru crafykin.

hanna said...

This is just the sweetest!
And ps - yes do buy Handmade Home, it's great. I may do a kinda review and show some pics of some of the projects this coming week. said...

Too cuuuuute! Just so precious:-)