Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First day of school

My sweet Joseph, starting school, a big day for both Mum and child.
When asked that afternoon "How was your day, Joey? He typically answered 'it was alright "
the next morning when getting him dressed for school, Joseph asked 'where are we going today Mama?' I said 'Your going to school', and Joey said"But I did that yesterday, do I have to go again? sure do Joey, sure do.

The Victorian fires seem to be under control , thankfully. It's been a difficult time trying to come to terms with so much loss,
I would like to share two uplifting stories;
I think this photo has been in the world news, of a firefighter holding a koala's hand and giving him a drink of water. The koala drank three bottles, he looked so grateful. What some people might not know is that even though koala's look cuddley, they're not, they could claw you in seconds.
A man went back to his property to find everything burn't, as he was walking around he saw a charred ball on the ground. As he got closer he realised that it was one of his hen's, so he went to bury it and as he picked it up, six little chickens ran from under her. Tears well up when I think of this story, a mothers instinct to protect her children, always.


turehutinker said...

Hi Kerrie. Joseph looks so happy. Hows that beautiful smile :)
Love the river he is by.
It's so good the fires are nearly out. The baby chicken surviving under the hen reminds us of our deep love and fierce protection of our children.
Talk to you soon. Have a peaceful day. Josie

turehutinker said...

Hi Kerrie. I thought i'd put the photos of two dresses blog ( size 2) just in the off chance someone snaffled them up immediately lol. Stranger things have happened.
If you would like one of these you could let me know and you could purchase a size two on felt and I'll send one of these instead.
Hope your weekend was happy and your little ones well and happy.
Hows your weather. Have you had rain yet?