Monday, February 9, 2009


We've been on high alert here, scanning for fires, yes we are safe, the fires are not near us. Droughts, floods and fires are so much apart of living in this country, but this fire is like nothing we've seen before. 5000 homeless and 130 dead, to date. there is nothing left, these towns are like ghost towns now.
We live in the country and like most people we have a fire plan,Ours was to stay and fight the fires, thinking that we are prepared. but this fire is not behaving like a normal fire,no-one is prepared, people only given minutes to evacute, people leaving their homes and not making it to their carport, we are in disbelief, we are all in mourning.
But with all this devastation, you will hear a story, story of mateship, of unsung heroes, of communties rallying together when all around is black dust, of the tireless work these volunteer firefghters do, and I'm proud, proud to be apart of this great land.


Fröken Skicklig said...

Dear Kerrie, thank so much you for linking to my site. And I really hope that you are okay, it must be horrible right now.
Therefore I won´t write warm wishes but rainy wishes instead...

Flowertinker said...

Hi Kerrie. We have been following the news in NZ. It's unbelievable.
I have a 21 year daughter in Townsville and she will be feeling the pain of others in Australia.
Yes I too am wishing rain for you over there too xox.

turehutinker said...

Thinking of you. Wondering how you are going.