Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Blanket

I was worried when Joseph started school as to how my little man, Flynn would cope, being third boy, he has spent his lifetime trying to catch up, be like his big brothers and he does a pretty good job of it, but sometimes I feel sad, sad that he dosen't play like other three year olds. He's much happier fighting baddies and goodies than looking for gnome houses.

The old saying,' One door closes, another one opens' is true. He now likes the idea of being the big brother and directing Alice, which she happily obliges, for now.

Dan built this cubby for Flynn's birthday last year, It is in this book.
The older boys got to help Dan with this project, they loved it!

I made this baby blanket for a girlfriends baby, I got Mum to help with the elephants, thanks Mum.
I have not made blankets for Alice and Joseph, I saw a gorgeous camel blanket pattern, for Joe, and I'm still looking for a sweet one for Alice, I like the idea of fairys but I like real looking fairys not cartoon, abstract ones. Any ideas?

P.S. Still no rain, I can't believe it's been 8 weeks with no rain. We have only a raintank which we use for inside and our garden, admittedly it's a big tank, but we are down to the last three notches.


turehutinker said...

Hi. Great play house. Beats blankets over chairs which just never stay in place!
I laughed when you said Alice was allowing direction ...for now lol.
When my last two were the only ones at home older sister took over. Oneday she put her little sister who looks about the same age as Alice, into the wardrobe shut the door and walked off. I asked what she was doing and she said they were playing.
That,s beautiful embroidery. I love the blanket. I like real fairies too.How about little fairy wings somewhere on Alice's blanket...round the edge?
Still no rain. I have posted your pinny. Maybe some of our rain will come with the parcel.
Josie :)

Relyn said...

OH, wow!! You, my friend, have talent! I love that blanket, especially the whimsical embroidery.