Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jim's Native Amercian Birthday Party

For Jim's birthday we did a Native Amercian theme. Jim had spent last term at school learning about the Indians way of life. I love themed party's, the children really get into the spirit of it. All the children arrived with much enthusiasm, firstly we went into the teepee and ground some ochre' for face painting, then the children made some ankle bands, I had punched holes around some suede and the children drew pictures on the band then threaded some colourful strips of fabric through the holes and knotted a bead on the end.It's always refreshing for me to see kids making stuff, they are so inspirational.The children danced around the teepee singing songs like 'soar like an eagle' and I told some stories, why blackfeet never kill mice and the moon and the great snake. All the children had healthy appetites, we had buffalo wings, popcorn, lentil burgers, dips, sandwiches, fairy bread(never to old!), honey joys and birthday cake. We then sat back in the teepee and spun the bottle, and I asked questions like - who will climb the highest mountain, who will be a great leader, who will live overseas, who will live by the sea, who will be a teacher, etc. The funny thing is, when I asked, who will marry first, they all went YUCK, typical 8 year olds but when I asked the question, who will be a great humanitarian, they all yelled with their hands up saying pick me pick me! Ahh there's alway hope isn't there. Jim did our traditional birthday walk holding his candle, then we cut the cake, and last of all there was a treasure hunt, oh yeah, and a game of soccer in there too. Lastly the children costumes were great, mainly indians and a couple of rattlesnakes( Joseph and Flynn) and not a cowboy in sight!.
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tigerlily said...

Looks like a cool birthday party, Happy Birthday Jim.