Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Birthday

Happy first birthday my sweet Alice, that first year, goes by so quickly, how I wish that it would take two years to get to one, and six months to get to six weeks. I'm not denying that it isn't hard work, but there's something about newborns that very addictive, for me anyway.
The top photo is Alice 3 weeks old, all 11 pound of her!, it's a good thing they can't tell you your babies weight till after there're born, I would have just keeped my legs crossed.
Alice is such a delight, she never really fussed as a baby, if she was in my arms, she was happy. Her big brothers look after her very well, and she has got them well trained in getting her what she wants.Alices gives the best hugs , but don't expect a smile, but she is very ticklish so we resort to that when we want to check that she can still smile:)
Alice had a lovely birthday with all our family and friends, Her birthday cake was a heart shaped black forest cake (omit the alcohol) and she had way to many slices of it. Her duck pinnie and pant was her present from me. I cheated and knitted it on the knitting machine. I love little girls in pinnies, you won't see any denim jeans on my girl! Although I did buy some beautiful wool denim this winter, so you might see a pinni!.
Happy birthday Alice, may the wonder of the world be yours...
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flowertinker said...

Hi Kerrie and happy Birth Day Alice.Your party table looks gorgeous.
Thanks for your comment.Little chubby cheeks It's great to be a Grandma though I often don't quite believe I am.Those broken sleeps and nappies I never thought would end at the time seem just yesterday and now my own children are experiencing all of that.Next year my last child is off to learn singing four hours away so I have a few more months with her before it's just me in this big old house.I am excited as it's a new change after 29 years of doing this and have a new venture to try out.Im already feeling some sadness but it's mixed with many tears of joy and gratitude.
Im enjoying the sharing of your beautiful family. It's uplifting to connect with kind strangers and have glimpses into new lives. Thankyou.
ps I admit I had only one broken nights sleep with my new granddaughter the other day and felt totally shattered for the next two days lol.