Thursday, September 25, 2008


Happy Birthday Jim and Alice, Yes my first born and last are born on the same day, I still can't believe it. Jim turned eight and Alice her first birthday.
10 things I love about Jim
1. Generous, so very generous,every day. My heart warms everytime I see this quality in him
2. His quiet strength, in mind and body
3. That he could play all day, everyday, and is his wisdom, one day when I asked 'why do you play all day", he replyed "I'm not, I'm working" Ahh, so true.
4. That he is happy, he still sings or hums all day long
5. How observant he is, I know he sees Mother Nature dance everyday, In the words of Goethe " Like friends, plants tell you their secrets only when they know you care. Just practise listening with your eyes, and one day when you least expect it, you will see with your heart and be swept up into natures dance."
6. That he is his own person, never once has he worried about what someone thinks, those thoughts just never enter his head, it's like he dosen't realise people thoughts could be negative, because he doesn't think that way.
7.That he can hear a song once and sing it word for word, it's not something he would say, but I hear the songs when he plays.
8.That he loves Enid Blyton books as much as I do, he's loving Cherrytree farm at the moment, good old tammylan!
9. That he has a strong sense to do right by the world, the other day he went walking off to pick all the rubbish up down our road, by himself, when he came back I could tell it made him feel soooo good. And I wondered then, this strong sense that overcomes him, that feeds his soul, I wondered, wondered what he might do as a man, who might he help.
10. That his world around him needs to be beautiful, if it isn't, it's like an assault on his body. for example when Dan put a ding in my car, Jim just couldn't look at the car until it was fixed. And the first time he saw a ballerina, his mouth dropped and his said "who is that" " she is beautiful" with such awe.
Well I could go on and on but you'll think I'm playing favourites.
And Alice?
Well she just cute, cute, cute, oh, how I love her.
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flowertinker said...

Sending Happy Birth Day greetings. What a celebration.
Your son sounds like a very cool human being.It makes me smile that great new lives are being nutured on our earth.