Sunday, August 19, 2012

Boy's Jumpers

I did originally knitted the orange jumper for Jim, but it was too tight. I knitted from the top down, and just increased every second row. I was telling the other half, how cool it was that I could try the jumper on the kids any time and get the perfect fit, just by increasing.
   Well my smugness went when it didn't fit Jim.

This is why you should have the same sex sibling next:)

The idea(pattern) came to me when reading Elizabeth Zimmerman Almanac. She said, "If you increase every second row, you will get a 45degree angle". How come I hadn't figured this on out in my years of knitting?
Maybe I don't have one of those minds:).
So I loved that there was no seams to sew up in the end. So just start with the neck stitches, how ever many goes over their head, and knit a neckband, and just keep increasing till the arms are deep enough, then the body in one piece, then the arms. Keep trying it on(cause that's the fun part).

Oh, the wool is from my lovely sheep, it's soft, spongy and has a touch of lanolin in it still. I love my sheep. Sigh, still trying to figure out how to get the sheep up to Thora. All the farmers say it's too humid up here, but I think if I build them a barn for summer out of the rain, with a fan, I'll be right.......

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taisa said...

These are so lovely! Such big changes in your lives since I've visited here- everyone looks healthy and happy!