Friday, January 14, 2011

Queensland flood relief auctions

This week, we have watched with tears in our eyes, of the dreadful flood crisis that engulfed south east Queensland and Brisbane.

So much death and destruction. It's heartbreaking.

Click on the link for a moving tribute gallery of the Queensland flood disaster.

A group of creative women in the blog world have launched a flood refief auction, that runs for one week and will finish on monday 24th at midnight.

Up for auction from my new shop - bloom, is one metre of fabric and one metre of ribbon of your choice.

The three highest bidders will each recieve 1 metre each of fabric and ribbon.

Postage is free in Australia, and capped at $6.00 for international winners. The postage is an donation as well, so if overseas, please add the postage amount to your donation.

how this auction works:

You can place a bid by leaving a comment, please include your email address.
Your bid must be in whole dollar increments.
At the close of auction, I will contact the three winners. The winners will pay the winning amount directly into:
Premiers disaster relief appeal and send me proof of payment via email.

You can see more wonderful auctions by clicking the flood appeal button on the right hand side of this screen.

Thankyou for your generosity.


baukje said...

$20 for me. Greetings from France

Melisa said...


mummy_chelle said...

$15 but hope you make heaps more. Thanks for being so generous for those that need it.

quilary said...

My bid is $30

busygnomes said...

bidding on behalf of Tamara, $35.00 thanks tamara

best of luck