Friday, January 21, 2011

Open for business

It's open, finally, my new fabric shop bloom fine fabrics and trims.

The plan was to have a shop at our house, we have a big house, and so the dinning room and sitting room with it's big beautiful arch window would be the place. I got a beautiful cypress long table made by my good friend Andrew, also lovely white armchairs, to sink into whilst getting inspired, and shelving made to house the fabrics.

The plan was to do sewing retreats, where people come for a morning or a full day, to learn how to make a girls twirly skirt, corduroy pant's for a boy, kid's backpack, ladies peasant blouse, etc, because what I have noticed over the years, is that there are lot's of people who would like to sew, but lack the condfidence to actually 'do it'.

There would be homemade cakes for morning tea, out on the verandah, over looking the garden, and I imagined lot's of chatter, with show and tell, and sewing.

Then I thought, if it went well, I would shift it to the woolshed, and my thoughts went dreaming of how I could do up the woolshed.....

Well the week before opening, we had quickly, but not hastily, decided that the children needed to go to another school, and the school we had decided on was an hour away.

Which means, that we needed to find some where to live during the week. For the last six months, it's been hard to find inner quietness, my mind has had so many thoughts to deal with.

sigh, and of course my shop would have to go on hold.

So while enjoying our summer holiday's here(In one place), I thought I would revisit the idea of a shop again, at the moment it will be an online shop, and hopefully one day a bricks and mortar shop.

I love fabrics, and this idea came about because there is lack of beautiful fabrics for apparel sewing(well, where I live). Some quilting fabric is fine, it depends on the application, but to make a blouse or flowing dress you need drape & width.

I also decided that I was not going to buy anything made in china, because of child and slave labour, which means I had to source fabric elsewhere.

What some fabric companies are doing is inspiring, where heading in the right direction.

There's free postage within Australia.

May these fabrics inspire you.

footnote: The queensland flood auction ending time has been put forward, it will now close at 9.00pm monday night.


Anna said...

Congratulations on your shop! It may not be a walk in shop, but it is very beautiful just the same. Peace and love. Anna

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerrie,

I just checked the website of your new shop, it looks beautiful and inspiring! I hope to meet you soon in the virtual classroom of Juliane.

Greetings from Amsterdam,