Saturday, February 13, 2010

Summer dress

On these hot, hot 40c days(that's over 100f for you northeners), I love wearing this dress, in fact I've just made another one. The pattern is Imke the fabric is french general from fabritopia .

I've really missed wearing a dress for the last 10 years, I just couldn't figure out all that ' expose all' while breastfeeding thingy.
Well now that the peasant style is in, I've figured out a way; foe around the neckline, or in this case, make a casing to thread a tie through.
foe is on the sleeves.

I added a frill around the bottom, I cut the fabric on the bias following this great tutorial.

Oh, I've put this photo in because my 4 year old Flynn took it, his very first photo.
Not bad, hey!


Anna said...


Jona Giammalva said...

Oh Kerrie! You are beautiful and that dress is exactly what I would do with that fabric (if I actually had time to sew)! I really love the peasant style, it's so feminine but casual. Just darling! And your Flynn is a fine photographer.

Sunni said...

It's absolutely darling! I love the fabric choice and that color looks ravishing on you! Beautiful job! Great dress for a hot summer day.

taisa said...

Beautiful dress! The colour and style are just lovely. I've not been by for awhile, I'm enjoying catching up. I love your new header too!

hanna said...

GORGEOUS! You clever thing. Love the fabric. I really should wear dresses more often, I really need to make myself some, I've been meaning too, the fabric is sitting here waiting even!