Sunday, July 5, 2009


Oh, what a flurry of activity a birthday party brings.
It's past midnight and bed is in the distant future.
The birthday boy decided on a dragon's outfit, so I made a hat with stuffed spikes, thinking this will do the trick, well, um, no it didn't, birthday boy politely asked me if I could still sew, as he would like bone-crunching teeth and firery eyes. AND he told me that he was turning six and did I think that he wanted to go as a baby dragon!
Hence why I am still up, dragon suit take 2
Maybe this is how it's always going to be, you give birth in the middle of the night(well I always did) and of course you're awake, so someone out there thinks you should be awake every anniversary there after.
Whilst the Husband sleeps....


gardenmama said...

: ) hehe!
Lovely preparations!!
I love the John Lennon quote, we sing that song "Beautiful boy" every year for my sons birthday!

hanna said...

Happy birthday to the boy! cool cake - you look like you've been super busy! What a great mum :o)

acorncollective said...

Birthday cake and toffee apples, gosh does life get any better?