Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The other side of Miss Alice

All my friends know that I love to cook, and I have always encouraged the children to help, every day whether baking a cake or chopping vegges for tea, there is always a child helping me.

This child, is, by far the messiest, even by my standards. I cringe at the thought of cooking with her and contemplate cooking when she is having her lunchtime nap...... but I don't, ultimately I know how important the sense of touch, taste and smell are to a child. Squishing the cake batter through the hands, I know, is important, but it's hard sometimes, and I nearly take the easy way out.

Luckily cakes are cooked at 200 degrees!
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Lily Boot said...

Oh! Oh! Oh no! What fabulous joy and satisfaction in those photos. I have similar ones with Abby at that age with cheesy spaghetti - there were times when a shower fully clothed was the most appropriate cleaning technique :-) You're lovely to persevere.

gretelies said...

Sooo sweet :-))))

hanna said...

oh my goodness.
Yes the kids always help me with the baking and sometimes I wonder if it's worth it! But I keep doing it because they love it so much.

anthropossum said...

Oh that messy but excited little face is SO hilarious! Thanks for the giggles Alice.

Julia said...

Oh, so sweet, you have such a lovely kid!!!!
Greetings from Germany