Sunday, May 31, 2009

A little bit of sewing.

Joey's top is made from wool interlock, made right here in Geelong.
He loves his Bugs Bunny in his racing carrot.

On Alice's tunic I thought I would smock a free form flower, And that's certainly what it is, oh well. Luckily she has no opinion on what I dress her in yet.

Every morning when we collect the eggs Alice checks to see if they are still warm!

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Julia said...

Thanks for your lovely comment!! To answer your question: I didn´t use glue to fix the fabric on the doors of the castle. I sewed some kind of an envelope and put it over the doors. Do you understand??
Greetings to Australia!! My sister lives there, she is married to an Australian guy. Unfortunately it´s a long way to go from Germany.... But next week she will be here for a while, haven´t seen her for over a year... :o(
Greetings, Julia