Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Alice

Alice turned five,  this will be her last birthday party in Schreenans rd, this thought makes me a little teary, I look at the garden in it's glory, and wonder why we decided to sell. It was a wonderful house for parties.

Alice wanted a unicorn dress-up, not to sure about the two head thingy going on, but she does love it.

Playing "what's the time Mr Wolf"

Alice's birthday walk.

 I knitted the red dress, from wool wound up from a skirt Mum had knitted me. I knitted the skirt part in a round on the knitting machine, and the sleeves. I moss stitched the bodice by hand(knitting machine are not that clever:), and knitted some lace sideways for the hem, neckline and waist. I adore red dresses.

Hip hip Hooray!

The second slice went to the other birthday boy:)

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umi said...

gorgeous cake kerrie! happy birthday alice! x tali