Monday, January 2, 2012

christmas day with the willett's

Miss alice, trying out her new scooter.

We alternate Christmas lunch each year between my family and Dan's, because of the distance. This year it was back home with my family.

Dan used to comment on how loud, overbearing, criticise and bring you back to earth,( like only your sisters can). But I think he has gotten used to it after 18years.

It can drive me crazy how polite, well mannered, only talk about the weather or footy, Dan's family can be. I usually throw a thought provoking sentence out there or talk about the latest conspiracy in the world, and watch them crawl under the table...

This is my mum, Shirley, I used to cringe at the thought of looking like my mum, but let's face it, we all start to look like our mum sooner or later.

And that's okay by me.

Young Joseph coming in for a quick ((hug)).

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softearthart said...

Families are cool, cheers Marie