Monday, May 30, 2011

Alice's party dress

I made this dress for last summer, and now it's autumn, and I'm posting it. Am I the only one who forget's their blog?, yet I want it as a journal of our lives, of my crafty adventures, but I'm so hit and miss. I wonder if I took the challenge of posting everyday for a month, I wonder if I would better at it, that daily rhythmn.

Back to the dress, I was making the feliz dress today, in a rush, thinking that we are going to a bush dance this weekend at Campbells creek, and thought that Alice needed a twirly dress for the occasion. Then I remembered that I had this one, and put the feliz in the corner and went and jumped on the trampoline with the kiddo's.

Back to the dress, beautiful sky blue clipped voile, with an underskirt in a brighter blue. Fully smocked front, and meters of lace, silk ribbon and pin tucks.
What more could a girl want:)

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M.T. said...

That's incredibly gorgeous work! And definitely try blogging every day; I don't think I'd be able to blog at all if it wasn't one of the automatic things in my weekday routine!

Hawthorne C said...

Every girl has to have a twirly dress. That dress is a treasure. Have fun at the bush dance.
I am going to try to blog twice each week. I did a blog a day for a month and I found it very stressful especially on market days.

hanna said...

wow, you are so talented. Love the doll you made too, I've always wanted to make one, not sure if i will ever get around to it. And the knitted dog - from your beautiful wool :)
By the way isla is wearing her vest again this year made from the wool you gave me, she just fits it. Would love to buy another skein of the chocolate and start her a new vest for next winter, email me if you have any left :)

catsmum said...

is that the Oxfam fundraiser you're going to? Wish I could go, but the whole post-operative 'no drive' thing also includes no dancing :( grump grump grump

and the dress is gawjus! I'm hoping to get a grand daughter one day so I can start smocking again.