Sunday, March 27, 2011

A boy's best friend

I actually make Flynn's little friend a while ago, I'm big on making, not posting.

This is our wool from our sheep. It's as soft as soft. The chocolate brown is from our two precious, but disobedient brown sheep.

The pattern, is from Alan Dart, he is a UK designer, I love his patterns, they are detailed but very easy to follow, and work everytime.
Take a look at these mice........ might be a easter/autumn project......too cute!


momma rae said...

what a fantastic pup! love his size and his ears. bravo, mama!!

angie said...

Oh my goodness! I love this dog, so cute! And wool from your own hero! I dream of sheep someday. Just gorgeous.

catsmum said...

awesome! [and so is the dolly in the next post ]
Love Alan Dart's stuff too ... I seem to make at least one of his Snowmes each year for Christmas but have been too scared to attempt one of the big animals so far. Seeing your fabulous results maybe I WILL attempt one of his cats ... one day :)