Friday, October 29, 2010


Still having trouble blogging, hopefully it's on the improve.

Well I think the drought has finally broken around here, this is our little winter creek, usually you can step over the trickle, not this day!

Jim, trying to catch the big one.

I'm home here in Ballarat for five glorious days.

It's been a few months since we decided to send our children to a different Steiner school. and it has gotten easier.

We are keeping our home in Ballarat, too much of us has gone into this place, to sell it would break my heart. But of course traveling everyday is not ideal with little ones, so we have bought a little cottage in Guildford to live in during the week and then come home on weekends.

It's been hard, I miss my garden, my home, it is the centre of who I am.

Lugging a weeks worth of dirty washing home every weekend, and trying to get it dry in two days, is impossible. Did I tell you how wet it has been?

Imagine how you feel when you are packing up to go on holiday, how there's no head space for anything else. Well I've been packing up every Sunday and unpacking every Monday at the cottage and packing up friday and unpacking Satuday at home.

And because I don't have two of everything yet, I do have to pack everything including the kitchen sink.


But I do feel grateful.

Grateful, that I have this option.
Grateful, that I have found more blessings than I realised.
Grateful, that I see it with new eyes.
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Anna said...

Try not to do so much, it would be awful to get ill as well. Peace and love. Anna