Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Studio

This is where we have been living this last month, It is owned by a family from the school. They lived in it till they built their real house. I could live here forver.
Oh, I forgot about the sugar gliders who do a dance ( and more) every night and all through the night!

Everything has been reclaimed, it is so inspirational. And it runs off solar energy and has a composting toilet which I love, they are fantastic, although Joey thought he could fall through the toilet hole, so I had to hold his hand.

The family are professional muscians, and everynight Ron would come down and play the didgeridoo and tell us stories about catching red bellie black snakes and how a perentie carried him up a tree!

Jim was in awe. The next week he brought along his didge to play along with Ron.

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Lily Boot said...

it's so beautiful kerrie! it is our dream home too :-) But what are you doing here- what's happening to your little farm? It sounds like there are big changes in the wind.

buchanan's said...

wow you guys look like you are livin in byron bay...

Anna said...

Until they built a real home?! I would love a home like this one.