Sunday, April 11, 2010

Autumn Fair

How wonderful it is to see such community spirit.

We had wonderful organic sausage sizzle, Rod's famous curry's, delicious cakes and real fair trade coffee. Wonderful stalls, beautiful hand carved wooden animals and trucks, childrens coats made of woollen blankets, handdyed felt.

Jim was out busking on his didgeridoo, and Joey who has only just started playing the recorder at school, bravely played some tunes, and then with the coins, went to the cafe and ordered a hot chocolate and a chocolate cake.

Our Steiner school is small, but we are growing, it's so nice watching how well all the children get along. My flynn who is four, has no trouble asking the grade six's for help, and Alice had many hands to hold.

For my stall I mainly had my gorgeous wool, and hats of different styles and slippers for sale.

It was a very joyous day.

This summer I finally bought a dehydrater, and I use it everyday. We have an orchard full of fruit, which I am gleefully preserving.

I made some sun dried tomatoes that are delicious. I quartered the tomatoes and put them in my dehydrater, you could use your oven if it goes down to 50c. Then I mixed a cup of vinegar with a cup of water and let the dried tomatoes absorb the liquid for two hours. I then stuffed them in jars with fresh thyme and sliced garlic, and covered them in extra virgin olive oil.

I made a foccacia, and with a jar of these beauty's and a handful of olives, I was in business.

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Cheryl said...

How lovely to live in a community that hand-makes for the school fair. Your wool and hats look just perfect. I hope you all had a great time.

hanna said...

oooh look at that wool of yours, gorgeous, I'm about to start a vest for Isla with the grey, I'm hoping 100g might just be enough - and I'm feeling tempted to buy some more off you actually, I'd love to do a vest with the chocolate brown for Liam.

Twig and Toadstool said...

Love the sundried tomatoes...I usually just end up drying them and sticking them in my freezer, but your jars look beautiful! (do you have a recipe, I'm just wondering how much thyme and garlic you use per jar, and how long they last in the fridge?)

Bloggy bliss!