Saturday, January 30, 2010

Strawberry picking

In my garden I have a whole bed, just for strawberrys, it's like 4meters by 4meters, but it's still not enough!. Every year I plant more, hoping one day I'll have enough for jam. But I never will, The more I have the more they eat. I can't blame the children really, who could resist a sweet, warm from the sun strawberry?

This year I gave in and went to a strawberry farm, The strawberrys are never like you grow yourself, but they were not too bad. So I made strawberry and rhubarb jam, straight strawberry jam, strawberry topping for the daily afterschool milkshakes, strawberry vinegar with the tops and this strawberry and custard pie for morning tea.


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Anna said...

Tea time at your home must have been heavenly! It is so mindboggling to think that you are picking strawberries, as we on the other side of the world are shoveling snow. Peace and love. Anna

Lily Boot said...

Oh yum! I can smell those strawberries - those in your garden must have been amazingly sweet yesterday with all that sun!

mommychick said...

That looks so good! It reminds me of when we went to a strawberry farm in the summer?-)