Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This year I decided that I would make an German Advent calender for each child, everyday they would receive a little gift, to mark the day.

I should have known that it is nearly impossible for me to make the same thing twice, let alone fours times.

So one between four. they are very good a sharing. They have to be!

It sounded like a good idea until I did the maths, um, 28 pressies x four, gulp, oh my, wayyyyy to much brain power for this little treat.

So the list of little pressies included:
beautiful stones
out for tea
Lyra crayons and pencils
out for tea
matchbox cars
out for tea
I think you get the picture.

Our nativety table, For the first week of advent, the mineral kingdom is honoured, beautiful stones placed around the stable.

The second week, the plant kingdom, fresh roses from the garden are gathered.

The third week, the animal kingdom, the fences are made and straw is brought in.

The fourth week, Mary, Joseph and the donkey, make their way to the stable, their journey starts at the top of our stairs, and the angel, so beautifully made by Cadi, slowly drops down day by day to the stable bringing baby Jesus.

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