Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blue Sky and Crisp Morrnings

Spring springs,but autumn settles gracefully, nows the chance to plant our winter vegges without them going to seed. I love that this one still gets a kick out of planting our crop.
The middle two fought over the watering can, then over who had the butter knife, glad we had the forsight to put the sandpit in the middle of our vegetable mandala.

This one was happy as long as we could keep up the supply and demand of baby peas.

Hoping you had a lovely Easter break, we went home to my family on the Murray River, I'll post some photo's soon.
These eggs were dyed with silk ties, I love the paisley colours. There's a great tutorial over here


Rucas1 said...

Hi Kerry, thank you for letting me know about your blog. Very impressive.... and thank you for the material. I hope the kids had a good play yesterday. Ines

Lily Boot said...

Oh Kerrie - these beautiful photos really speak of such a lovely life in your garden. That little bunny with her pink fluffy hat and baby peas! Having a garden is on my wish list ...