Monday, December 1, 2008


Funny isn't it, how one minute there is no wind at all and then when you start putting up teepee's it gusts and blows. I had bought this lovely duck canvas last year on ebay in America for a song and finally got the urge to sew it up when Jim was having his birthday. 25metres of canvas! It's an easy thing to sew, just a lot of fabric to be carrying around under the machine.

The children are desperate to sleep in it over night, I just need to get around to sewing a door flap to make it mozzie proof. It took forever to put it up, I'd like to know the American Indians secret, I just kept saying to Dan " there're must be a trick to it,Dan". The boys love it.

Right, I'm going to blog three times this week, I really like bloging once I start, but I'm always too busy doing or lurking around other people fabulous blogs for inspiration.
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Flower tinker said...

Hi Kerrie. What a fantastic teepee.I can imagine 25 metres of canvas under a! Good result.
Thanks for your wishes for my daughter. I nearly didn't put it on my blog but realised life has both sides.It was so out of the blue for us who live this quiet country life.
We have bounced back well and I'm once again sewing hearts and we are laughing lots.
I too spend oodles of time looking at others blogs. So fascinating and inspiring. Happy Camping :) Josie

Wendy said...

OMG!!! however did you make that?